Institute Sustainable Paper and Wood Purchasing

Photo: Rachel Kramer/NWF

Paper production is responsible for almost 20% of the world’s total wood harvest. The United States is the largest consumer of paper, at approximately 90 million tons of paper per year. That averages about 700 pounds of paper per person.

Seeking institutional commitments to smart, sustainable paper and wood purchasing is one way that we can have a positive impact in reducing the destruction of the world’s remaining forests. University and college campuses are huge consumers of paper and wood products. In fact, university and college campuses create approximately 3.6 million tons of waste each year (roughly 2% of the U.S. waste stream). Not only are campuses large consumers of paper and wood products, they also have a responsibility to educate and inform over 20 million students, staff and faculty that are part of the university and college system in the United States.

The 3 Most Importance Factors in Selecting Paper:

  1. Post-consumer recycled content
  2. Bleaching classification
  3. Source of the original raw material.

The 3 Most Important Factors in Selecting Wood

  1. Forest Certification
  2. Buy local
  3. Buy low or no carbon impact product

Download the entire Paper and Wood Purchasing Policy Guide.

Forest Justice Toolbox


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