Additional Resources

Photo: Rachel Kramer/NWF

Climate Action

What’s with 350?: 350 is the red line for human beings, and the most important number on the planet.

The 9 Step Plan: 350’s guide to organizing for climate action in 9 steps.

International Climate Negotiations

International Climate Negotiations Process: Check out this great fact sheet from on the International Climate Negotiations Process

REDD 101: Tropical Forests & Climate Coalition breaks down the ins and outs of REDD and how can help stop deforestation. PDF Factsheet

REDD for Dummies: The Environmental Defense Fund has created this useful 2-page summary of REDD, the proposed UN framework for addressing deforestation and climate change

Source to Sink: Reducing Commodity Agriculture’s Impacts on Natural Lands

Tropical Forests and Climate Change

Tropical Forests after Copenhagen: Although the nearly 200 countries participating in the December 2009 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations in Copenhagen failed to agree on a legally binding treaty to reduce global warming emissions, they did make important progress in one area: a set of policies referred to as “REDD plus.”

Consensus Principles: A number of leading environmental organizations and companies came together on a set of Consensus Principles for Forest Protection.   Read what the National Wildlife Federation and the Union of Concerned Scientists signed onto with companies like PG&E Corporation and the Walt Disney Company: ADP Forest-Climate Unity Agreement- 5-18-09

Union of Concerned Scientists Fact Sheets:

Tropical Deforestation Basics

Estimating the Cost and Potential of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation

Protecting Trees, Protecting Our Climate: Ten Reasons to Invest in Reducing Tropical Deforestation

Go the Union of Concerned Scientists website for more fact sheets and in-depth reports.


Here are some how-to guides that will help you run a Forest Justice campaign on your campus or in your community:

  1. Launch a campaign on your campus: Forest Justice Organizing Toolkit (pdf)
  2. How to pass a Paper and Wood Purchasing Policy Guide (pdf)

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