What We Are Fighting For

U.S. Climate Action
Forest Justice is focused on ensuring that the U.S. passes national climate legislation that includes measures to protect forests worldwide.  To do so, domestic and international policies must include the following measures:

  • Funding that enables threatened human and wildlife populations to respond to community and habitat changes due to climate change.
  • Predictable and reliable funding for forest protection including at least five percent of auction revenues from a cap-and-trade system dedicated to preventing tropical deforestation. This provision will be vital to gain the support of many developing nations for the international climate treaty.
  • Dedicated funding for technical assistance and capacity building for developing countries that are committed to reducing emissions by avoiding deforestation and the degradation of forests.
  • Dedicated funding for the development of national and international accounting systems to measure and monitor forest carbon emissions. Theses systems must ensure that emission reductions or sequestrations are real, permanent, additional and verifiable, with reliable measuring and monitoring, and with appropriate accounting for leakage.
  • Protection of forest dependent communities and recognition of indigenous peoples’ land and resource rights in any international forest programs.