ELECTION SPECIAL : What do the October 3rd Elections Mean for the Forest Code?

Now that you know everything you ever wanted to know about the Forest Code (and then some), you’re probably wondering why we’ve chose to write so much about these reform proposals that took place back in July.

Great question. (insert pat on the back here)

In order for the Forest Code to be changed, ( ie the reforms to pass) – it would first have to go through  the full Chamber of Deputies. Following that, because Brazil has a bicameral legislature (2 houses, like the US) the Senate would also need to vote it through. If these reforms pass through both houses of the legislature this reform would then come to President Lula for approval. However, he is not currently up for reelection as the Constitution prevents him from running for a 3rd term in the upcoming October 3rd presidential and national elections.

The post-election lame-duck session would make it difficult for Lula to oppose this reform bill, especially if pro-agricultural and anti-Forest Code advocates pick up seats in the legislature. Therefore the future of the Code may very well be in the hands of Lula’s successor, who based on polls, increasingly looks like it may be Dilma Rousseff.

If Dilma wins the Presidency this Sunday (October 3rd), what could this mean for the Amazon? If this reform manages to pass through the Houses and falls on her plate, would she sign it through?

Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr Wikimedia Commons

Dilma Rousseff alongside President Lula


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