Dam Watch : Belo Monte part 1

Have you ever watched Avatar? (do you really need a link?)

What about A Message from Pandora ?

 So what do these films have in common? :

  • both are directed by James Cameron, (in addition to Titanic, Terminator, Alien, we could go on….)
  • both recognize the value of preserving diverse ecosystems, and
  • both document the struggles of  Indigenous Peoples  defending their homeland

But only the latter film is true.  And only this latter film outlines a problem about which YOU can make your voice heard.  

While it does not require 3-D glasses for optimal viewing, what this 3 minute film does do is make the viewer aware of the effects building the Belo Monte (pronounced BAY-LOW  MON-CHE)  Dam Complex will have on not only the local Amazonian people, but the surrounding rainforest ecosystem as well.

This is a very current story, and new developments are unfolding daily. We here at Forest Justice are going to try and keep you updated on the struggle to protect the Amazon.


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