Earth Day Revolution Underway

On March 11, forty days till the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, leaders from the environmental community launched a 40-day countdown of action in front of the U.S. Capitol. During this time, several speakers from diverse organizations gave speeches and signed a “Declaration” calling on the U.S. Senate to take action on clean energy and climate change.

Photo: Rachel Kramer/NWF

“The first Earth Day was a success because 20 million Americans demonstrated an urgent need for environmental protection and action. Together, we can make the 40th anniversary of Earth Day a pivotal moment in the environmental movement. We will use the next 40 days to build momentum around a demand for comprehensive climate legislation and culminate our charge to Congress with The Climate Rally on April 25.” said Kathleen Rogers, President, Earth Day Network.

Now is our time to apply pressure on Congress and urge them to stop stalling and start taking action on clean energy solutions for America today, this is what a revolution is all about – a radical and persuasive change in society.

Join the Earth Day Revolution and sign the Delcaration.

But don’t stop there! Help us promote these efforts by blogging, tweeting, joining the facebook group, and even plot your own revolution. We can fuel the change needed to protect the environment with your help!


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