Annual Review of the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project

The Forest Footprint Disclosure Project was created to help investors identify how an organization’s activities and supply chains contribute to deforestation. 180 representatives of corporate and financial sectors met in London on February 10 to hear the first Annual Review results of the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project. The review consisted of a questionnaire, answered by 35 international companies, which evaluated how company activities directly or indirectly contribute to deforestation.

Stakeholders field visit to 'semi-intensification' model cattle ranches in Acre State.

Photo by Rachel Kramer

The launch of the review also included a presentation by Brazilian experts on the impact that the meat and leather industries have on the Amazon forest. They also discussed initiatives currently underway to encourage sustainable cattle ranching in forest areas. Jeremy Oppenheim of the Mckinsey & Co. Climate Change Special Initiatives laid out a compelling framework for understanding Forest Risk Commodities like palm oil, soy, timber, beef, and leather.

In the upcoming months, our Forest Justice Campaign will also embark on initiatives to help our networks better understand Forest Risk Commodities and to encourage companies to take action on minimizing the forest footprint of their organizations – stay tuned!


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