Dirty Air Acts

Factory Pollution by Owen ByrnePolluters are attacking the Clean Air Act and urging their allies in Congress to erase the public health warnings of the nation’s top scientists. And the oil industry is leading the charge.

TAKE ACTION: Ask Your Members of Congress to Oppose the “Dirty Air Acts”

The lobbying arm of Big Oil (the American Petroleum Institute) is arguing that the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific finding of the health risks of carbon pollution “fails to demonstrate a significant risk of harm to public health or welfare” (see release) They have spent millions of dollars lobbying Congress in the past year.

Now, several members of Congress have introduced legislation that would substitute politics for science and open a smokestack-sized loophole in one of the nation’s most successful environmental laws–a law that has been strengthened repeatedly by Congress in a bipartisan manner.

National Wildlife Federation stands with a broad coalition of public health, environmental, business, labor, faith and sportsmen organizations in strong opposition to any rollbacks of the Clean Air Act.

Passage of these “Dirty Air Acts” will take us backwards by letting polluters off the hook and preventing the growth of millions of clean energy jobs at this critical moment in time.

Now is the time to move forward strategically and effectively in confronting climate change and building a strong clean energy economy, and the Clean Air Act is one of our most important tools.

How Can You Speak Up to Stop These Proposals?


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