Carbon Cowboys

People&Power investigates fake carbon offset certificates being sold in Papua New Guinea.


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  1. Nigel Kaua

    I salute Nupan on its ‘trial’ campaign to advocate for sustainable income for indigenous landowners in PNG.
    Kirk Roberts is still a hero in the face of climate change issues simply because he is fighting for a good cause of this planet earth to exist several more millions years.
    In PNG the indigenous people own the land and the forest (97%) most of which is virgin and untouched. PNG does not need to cut down the trees for logging and plant again for carbon.
    We have already experienced the impact of climate change. If the third world wanted to spend on reforestation and REDD+ it can do it on some bare land anywhere else. Not in PNG.
    The PM does not own any land or even forest in PNG. Nor does the government of PNG.
    The World Bank says PNG will benefit greatly from the carbon trade but I do not agree with this statement. I think the world will benefit from PNG on carbon trade.
    We don’t need your cash, sorry we have enough and almost everything we need. No logging business, no REDD+ aid.
    The Bougainville crisis will give you some idea how land is important to PNGians. PNG will hate Somare if he signs for and brings in REDD+ and throws out voluntary carbon trade.
    But PNG knows Somare will not bring in REDD. Ploye and Singin, we love you both and PNG treasures the little signatures you put here to recognise land ownership in our Melanesian society.
    If it is not to be Nupan then it has to be a similar agency but PNG indigenous landowners will remain firm on a voluntary carbon deal. Back off REDD+ for PNG.
    Somare’s statement describing the voluntary carbon trade as “premature and risky” must explain how it is risky. Somare never said that.
    Dr Wari Iamo is out of the picture. He is public servant trying to work for pay as an employer of the government agency implementing government policies.
    We love our country, PNG!

    Nigel Kaua
    Papa Graun – PNG

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