Copenhagen Forest Justice Team

Meet the Copenhagen Forest Justice Team!

Youth from around the US will be in Copenhagen blogging as members of the Forest Justice Team on all that is happening on International Climate Negotiations.

Ayodele David Akinpelu is an aspiring senior at Wayne State University born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Detroit, MI. Pursuing a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Bio-Science. In the future, his focus will be on wildlife conservation and restoration ecology with a wide array of animals. At Wayne State, Ayodele is currently the president with the student organization: Student Environmental Action Leaders (SEAL). After attending the recent Power Shift 2009 conference, he was energized and ready to make a positive impact both, locally and internationally. He has set goals to join the Forest Justice Campaign to increase awareness of rainforests, the need and importance of sustainable wood production and the negative impact deforestation has on indigenous people around the globe also the adverse affects of climate change. The Forest Justice campaign is just what the Wayne State campus needs to become more environmentally sustainable. Working with many nonprofit environmental organizations has taught me a lot and increased my experience in public policy and becoming a well rounded campaign coordinator. When he’s not trying to schedule a town hall meeting or studying Kepleer’s law, he’s hanging out with friends, harvesting organic crops and bowling, and just trying to increase the green. He also enjoy some good television (Discovery/Science Ch), baking brownies, updating my house/old school/classical music collection, and grass roots campaigning. he loves being outdoors during the summer and autumn planting trees, swiping invasive species and learning about earth and animals. Ayodele gets a kick out of recycling and making green changes in his neighborhood and eventually the world.

Anna Barnwell was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Anna is a graduate of National Wildlife Federation’s Alaska Youth for Environmental Action program and has been an off-and-on staff member since 2007. In 2008 Anna graduated from Colby College in Waterville, Maine with a degree in Environmental Studies (Policy) and International Studies. Currently, she resides in Trondheim, Norway where she is working on a Masters in Globalization: Politics & Culture. Anna has an affinity for northern climates and loves to ski! Although snow may be one reason for Anna’s passion for mitigating climate change, Anna is also very concerned about environmental and social justice issues on an international and local scale. Anna is very excited about going to Copenhagen in order to learn more about international cooperation and grass-roots campaigning.

Laura Comer grew up in Cleveland, OH and is graduating this December from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY where she is majoring in Political Science. She started campus organizing by founding Students for a Greener Hofstra and the Senate Environmental Priorities Committee. When she is in NY, she is a nanny for 3 little boys in Queens. Last summer, she completed the Greenpeace Organizing Term in DC and has had a hard time leaving the district ever since. She spent the spring as the Government Relations Fellow for Energy Action Coalition, organizing the largest lobby day in history for Power Shift 09 and then moved to SustainUS as the Climate Program Fellow, structuring the domestic campaign. Studying international sustainability and the climate movement has taken her to Eastern Europe, Chiapas, Mexico and all over Iceland. Besides traveling, she loves cooking, watching movies, and is trying very hard to learn French and to avoid graduating at all costs.

Sam Hoeffler recently graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in International Studies and Sociology. Afterward, she spent the summer working for National Wildlife Federation’s Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, which is dedicated to empowering and equipping tomorrow’s environmental advocates. In September she moved to Europe to teach English as a second language in a public high school. She is currently living in France, where she spends her time showing students how to make the ‘th’ sound; working on a goat farm; and contemplating the fact that France has 300 different types of cheese. She enjoys running, reading, vinyasa yoga, traveling, Simone de Beauvoir, peanut butter anything, and the Avett Brothers.

Carly Queen is a Campus Field Coordinator for National Wildlife Federation’s Campus Ecology program. Based out of the Southeast Regional Center in Atlanta, Georgia, she works to grow and strengthen local and regional networks of campuses committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by organizing networking opportunities and educational events. Carly promotes sustainability in higher education communities by providing resources and technical support for students, faculty and staff to assist them in improving campus energy efficiency, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, and incorporating climate change and sustainable practices into the curriculum. She also engages community members in advocating for the passage of strong legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect wildlife from the increasing threats posed by global warming. Before joining NWF, Carly served as the two-term President of Students Organizing for Sustainability (SOS), an organization that she founded at Georgia Institute of Technology in fall 2007. While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Carly led several environmental initiatives on Georgia Tech’s campus and beyond, including river and neighborhood cleanups, educational lectures and documentary screenings, a campus bike rental program and a campaign for sustainable dining practices, such as composting and providing more local, organic, vegan and/or vegetarian options. In her free time, Carly likes to enjoy the outdoors, read, travel, listen to music, shop in thrift stores and unleash her creativity through art and design.


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