Thousands of Youth and Amy Goodman, Oh My!

Laura Comer reports on her first day in Copenhagen……

Yesterday was the first day of the Fifteenth Committee of the Parties for the UN Climate Talks. I had no idea how many people, interests, countries, and ideas would be represented here. Youth are definitely taking a huge part of the stage.

At the first day of the UN Climate Talks yesterday I served as a spokesperson at the YOUNGO daily meeting. The international youth climate movement meets every morning to collaborate, decide what our major talking points are for the day, and pick out our official actions. The energy of this group is indisputable. But the depth and span of their knowledge of climate change, the UNFCCC, and community organizing is awe-inspiring. These leaders are well aware that the next two weeks will be two of the most important of our lives and I am confident we are ready to respond to the challenge.

Keep in mind that our success in Copenhagen depends on your action in the states!

How to stay in the ‘COP15 know’ without actually being here!

Oh and a personal highlight! On the flight over I met Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!. I recognized her from when she came to Hofstra for the lead up to the presidential debates, but then when her box of books broke open on the luggage carousel, I put the face to the name. It was hard to get really excited for COP the last couple of weeks with all the school work, but simply walking out of the plane in Copenhagen and being surrounded by advertisements from companies and various non-profits sharing the news of COP and what we will achieve and gain by fighting climate change gave me all the energy and excitement I had been lacking. So, with all this excitement seriously bursting at the seems, I approached Amy Goodman and told her why I was going and asked if she would be covering COP. I got her email address and we will be drafting out an email of our actions and sending a press advisory tomorrow morning. Absolute success.


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