Sustain US Delegates at COP15

The 26 delegates have finally made it to Copenhagen for the United Nations delegates from all over the United States and many other parts of the world.  The meetings are starting, loud mumuring fills the air as every one finds where to frantically find their booths and find out what meeting to sit in on to listen to local news pertaining to wide arrays and different spectrum’s of global predicaments and solutions to climate , clean energy and policy formats.  The (YUNGO) Youth Nongovernmental Organizations oversees more than 200 youth organizations who get to partake in conducting actions, sitting in on policy meeting with governmental officials and even get interview by many media venues.  The first official day of the convention has been underway and still many were left standing outside to wait in line for the proper credentials.  Lines that extended for meters along the streets of the entrance to the Bella Center.  As many make their way to their booth’s in frantic clamor, the air settles with a knowing that hingdreds of thousands of youth are here globally to make a difference.


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