‘Generation E’ Is Leading Campus Sustainability Revolution

Generation ENWF’s Campus Ecology program has released its anticipated study of Generation E: Students Leading for a Sustainable, Clean Energy Future, which highlights the unique and critical role college students play in the climate flight. Published just weeks before the international climate negotiations kick off in Copenhagen, Generation E is a story of student and youth leadership.

The report highlights 165 college and university examples in 46 states, covering 35 categories of creative student effort. American students are stepping up and responding to the challenge of climate change.

Generation E illustrates the creative ways our campuses are responding to the shift toward a sustainable, clean energy future.

“‘Generation E’” stands for the three “E’s” of sustainability: ecology, sustainable economics, and social equity,” said Julian Keniry, Senior Director of Campus and Community Leadership. “It also stands for a tremendous amount of energy and excitement on college campuses today. The values of sustainability define and unite the current generation like no other issue of our time.”

An executive summary and the full Generation E report, including a list of 165 highlighted schools.

Campuses featured in Generation E and all other schools are encouraged to enter NWF’s Chill Out competition this fall.

Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming is a competition that rewards and recognizes all the cool things campuses are doing to reduce the impacts of global warming. To enter, students, faculty and staff need to submit a two minute video that shows how their college or university is working to reduce global warming pollution. Entry forms are at CampusChillout.org.

By Amanda Cooke
Cross-post from Wildlife Promise


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