In the Streets of Barcelona

Last week at the Barcelona Climate Change Talks, there were a number citizens from around the world participating in direct actions, or civil disobedience, on the nearby streets and in the halls of the negotiations.   The events varied in size and coverage, but they happened.  We at Forest Justice wanted to take a few moments to recap the highlights, as we feel it is important to spread the word that folks are standing up and speaking out, as our former Vice President and long time climate advocate, Mr Gore has been calling upon U.S. youth to do for a number of years.  We are impatient and frustrated by the stalling and in-fighting of our world “leaders.”  Perhaps they could learn a bit from the determination and creativity that the activists demonstrated outside the walls of the climate negotiations.  At the very least, we hope that they are as inspired as we were by the actions held. Check out our favorites:



  • Outdoor film screening in city streets – 11th hour – Age of Stupid





  • continous 350 inside presence


  • Morning banner drop “Market is the problem, not the solution
  • Carbon trading final plenary disrupted by activists holding “End CO2lonialism” banner. Activists block the carbon trading plenary and recieving much applause for their actions, prior to being evicted from the confernence.
  • TCKTCKTCK Aliens seek climate “leaders”
  • Greenpeace wrap Columbus statue in banner

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