Climate Bill Advances Despite Obstructionist Efforts

The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee today reported the chairman’s mark of the Clean Energy Jobs & American Power Act out of committee without amendment.  Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) led committee Republicans in refusing to participate in the bill’s mark-up.

The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act  sets aside 4.2% of the allocations for carbon cap and trade to prevent tropical deforestation. While this is a good start, Forest Justice is advocating for the Senate to match the tropical forest allocations included in the ACES bill that the House of Representatives passed in June, which sets aside 5% of allocations.

The bill’s success in committee today, combined with yesterday’s announcement by Senators Graham, Kerry and Lieberman of plans for a bipartisan bill, add up to a big boost for action in the Senate. A month ahead of the global climate talks in Copenhagen next month, Senators have sent a signal to the President and the nations of the world that Congress is getting closer to the finish line.

Forest Justice and the National Wildlife Federation thanks Sen. Boxer for her unwavering leadership and the bill’s supporters for their commitment to provide reliable funding and resources for reducing deforestation and forest degradation. Join us in urging Boxer to champion a climate bill that is even stronger with 5% of allocations set-aside to help prevent deforestation worldwide. Take Action TODAY!

It’s unfortunate Senator Inhofe kept his team on the bench for today’s markup, proving once again he’s the oil industry’s biggest ally in Congress. But the focus now shifts to Senators Graham, Kerry and Lieberman as they work to deliver bipartisan clean energy and climate solutions.


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