Forest Justice at Penn State Harrisburg

Hey Forest Justice League!

Despite a quick move inside due to unexpected showers we had a great time celebrating Earth Day on campus this year!  I had a Forest Justice booth set up during the festivities that drew a lot of interest from the student body.  It was a great experience because many of the students who stopped to read the information at the booth had no idea what was happening to our forests and became very interested in the future of Forest Justice on campus.  I also used the Earth Day celebration to kick off my photo petetion. This was something that I was skeptical about but it turned out to be a success and students had a lot of fun with it!  I’m working on expanding the photo petition on facebook and look forward to having it play a big part in Forest Justice events on campus next semester!  On Earth Day I took a group of about 12 students to see Disney Nature’s movie Earth. For every ticket sold during opening week Disney pledged to plant a tree!!   Another event Forest Justice helped out with on campus was the planting of 400 trees on campus!  We have a low lying area on campus where there is considerable water run off when it rains and this causes erosion and drains pollutants into local streams and eventually the Susquehanna river which is a tributary to the Chesepeak Bay! The trees we planted are great for soaking up and filtering the pollutants out of the rain water run off.  One last project I’m working on as some promotion for Forest Justice is a little custom work on my car.  It’s still a work in progress as almost every free day I’ve had to work on it has also been rainy so I’ll be posting new pics as it nears completetion!  Long post today I know, but I’ve had so much to share with everyone!  Okay so I want everyone to enjoy the pics and remember what the Onceler said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.”
img_1377 img_1462th_img_1380-1th_img_1386 img_13871img_1398 img_1464-1



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